Motivation in Bags

Today seems like a good day to dive right into tactics to help you Get Untangled.

Jump Start to Freedom Purge

Arm yourself with several black garbage bags. When an item is placed inside it is not easily viewed and thus lowers the temptation to dig "treasures" back out.

You must schedule time. Treat this allotment as if it’s an important meeting, sporting event, or hair appointment. Put it on your calendar and treat it as sacred.  I mean it. 

Block out 2-4 hours for a larger de-clutter session or 15 minutes to an hour for a small area.  The thing is girlfriend; you are going to learn to enjoy discarding stuff and the time will fly.  I encourage the use of a timer.  Especially, if you have to be off to the next appointment. J

Peter Walsh, professional organizer, calls it a Kick Start.  He suggests tackling surface clutter first.  He has two categories: Lazy clutter and stored treasures.  I like to call them: Easy Clutter and Memories Stored.

Easy Clutter vs. Memories Stored

Easy Clutter:  accumulates out of (gulp) negligence

·         Unopened mail

·         Free baseball caps

·         Unwanted gifts

·         Out of style clothing

·         Magazines

·         Expired food and supplements

·         Appliances no longer in use

·         Tax records over 7 years old

·         Clothes that don’t fit

·         Shoes that hurt your feet

·         Moldy food in fridge

·         Plastic containers that are stained with spaghetti sauce

·         Unfiled papers

·         Items not belonging to you…figure out a return system

Memories Stored: accumulates because of emotional attachment

·         Photos

·         Personal Greeting cards 

·         Stored mementos/memorabilia

·         Children’s drawings, artwork, schoolwork

·         Antiques handed down

·         Recipe books

·         Cedar chest items (Cedar chests? Do people still purchase these?)

·         Gramma’s handmade doilies

·         Gifts

I recommend that you get really good at conquering the Easy Clutter before you start addressing Memories Stored.  From experience I can tell you that if you start with the items you are emotionally connected to it may stop you in your tracks. 

Tell me:

  1. Where are you going to start?
  2. When will you do it?
  3. Who will receive your donations?

You can do it! Share with us your accomplishments. Please comment below to encourage others. I also encourage you to sign up for the free download. I have a great guide to see where you are at in your clutter journey.