Joy Among the Piles --3 Blessings you can find while De-cluttering

Find joy in the journey.  This is an issue that comes up for me often.  I am always so focused on the end goal that I rarely take time to enjoy the path along the way.

I’ll give you an example.  There is no denying it. Those of us in this area of the country have been blessed by an amazingly beautiful fall season; warm weather, sunshine, and late frost.  I have done more clean up around the yard this fall than I have in years.  One thing that I do is clip away and clean up perennials which I usually end up doing in the spring with the soggy, cold ground.  This year I decided to do some clipping while my husband was busy with other projects. I caught myself working in a frenzy; almost panic type of mode.  Here’s a sample of my self-talk , “Hurry Amy, let’s see how much you can get done…cut as fast as you can so you can move onto the next section” and “go, go, go”.  Thankfully, I caught myself and replied back, “You know what Amy, it’s so nice out here, it’s a joy to see this get cleared away.  Go at a leisurely pace and enjoy watching your hubby, listen to the hens cluck, birds sing, and trees rustle.  Let yourself feel the warmth of the sun shining down on you.  Enjoy the moment girl, enjoy the journey”. 

The above scenario is one of many I could give you as I become more aware of self-chatter, some of which can become or is mind clutter.  I hope my experience will help you to become aware of any negative self-talk going on in your head.

This de-cluttering journey we are on can bring so many fantastic bonuses.  Here are just a few of the the ways to find the joy.

3 De-Clutter Blessings

1.       Time to Reminisce

a.      Photo storage area. I have left this area for last in my major de-cluttering task.  It is quite overwhelming as I have piles of cards and memorabilia stacked up since 2007.  I recommend dedicating a full afternoon to this project and you will likely need several such time slots.  This is because you will want to read cards, reminisce over photos, and possibly shed a few tears. 

b.      The biggest blessings in the reminisce category reveal themselves as smiles like these: 

2.       Time Saved

a.       Less in my closet means I can find things quicker and make decisions faster.  Love this!  A break through for this chica.

b.      Open the cupboard or drawer and find exactly the utensil, ingredient, or scarf I need.

3.       Opportunity to Share

a.       I love bringing bags of donations to my local charities.  Everyone wins in this scenario. I feel a sense of accomplishment. I feel free, like a weight has been lifted off.  Joy reigns when I know that I am helping others.

My challenge to you is to actively look for joy in the journey.  Really, seriously pay attention to the clutter of your self-talk. Slow down and smell the roses if you will.  Share a photo you found in a pile, go out for coffee with a friend because of time you saved not having to look for things, and bring a flower to a charity worker. 

The neatest thing about all of this is that the clutter decreases significantly (mind, body and home) and the blessings expand exponentially. Keep on keepin' on!

Get Untangled. Conquer Daily. Live Free.