How to De-clutter in 15 Minutes

“I don’t have time to de-clutter.”

“It’s too overwhelming.”

“I don’t know where to start.”

These are statements I have heard from personal conversations, client comments, or messages from blog followers. Let me offer a few suggestions.

How to De-Clutter in 15 Minutes; manage time strategically.

Strategy 1:  Set timer for 15 minutes. This is how you will do things quickly and efficiently. Which leads me to…

Strategy 2: Stay focused.  Refrain from leaving the area you are working on; even to return items to their home.  When I leave the kitchen to take out recyclables, for instance, I have to go through the laundry room.  Pretty soon, I’m folding clothes, adding another load, or I take clean items to be put away and end up in yet another room!  Discipline yourself to stay put.

Strategy 3:  Handle one daily “because we live here clutter” area, first. At this moment, for me, it’s the kitchen.  Do this swiftly. 

Strategy 4: Work from left to right.  I learned this tip from an organizing book years ago.  This also helps stay focused.

Strategy 5: After finishing one daily "because we live here" clutter task, reward yourself with a 15 minute bonus de-clutter. A bonus area may be under your kitchen sink, a drawer in your bathroom, or one tub of seasonal clothing. This is the deep clutter clean out we are working toward.

Strategy 6:  Don’t think about it too long.  Procrastination is my biggest enemy; always.

Strategy 7: Do one thing per day. With your busy schedule, give yourself a break. Focus on one bonus de-clutter area per day. If you are unable to set aside a large block of time, this is how you can do them in chewable bits.

You can do this! Rock it out and share with me below what area you were able to de-clutter in the 15 minute time slot. Make it a game. Count how many items you are able to throw or donate. Brag on yourself, share with me and others your success.



P.S. Be sure to check out the Free PDF to download from More great ideas for conquering your clutter.